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The Selected Tribological and Structural Properties of Protective Coatings Obtained by Different Methods

K. Szymański, B.  Szczucka-Lasota

The coatings were obtained by high velocity oxy fuel method and their modification - new hybrid-spraying process. In this paper, the influence of manufacturing technology on structure and properties of coatings is presented. Examination of mechanical properties...

The Influence of Substrate Roughness on the Surface Condition of WC-Co Coatings Obtained Using the Supersonic Method

K. Szymański , J. Mendala

Thermal spraying process is one of the main methods of obtaining the protective coatings. Coating quality largely depends on the proper selection of coating materials, technology and spraying equipment and the method of substrate preparation. The article presents the problem of the effect of surface preparation process on...

Microstructure and properties of WC–Co coatings, modified by sub-microcrystalline carbides, obtained by different methods of high velocity spray processes

K. Szymański , H. Myalska, G. Moskal

Microstructure and basic mechanical properties of WC–Co coatings obtained by HVOF and HVAF technique were described in this paper. A standard powder of WC–Co 83-17 (Amperit526.074) type was used for coating deposition on steel substrate. Sub-microcrystalline TiC powder was used to modify coatings deposited from...

Thermally sprayed coatings resistant to erosion and corrosion for power plant boilers - A review

K. Szymański , A. Hernas, G. Moskal, H. Myalska

The article presents the issues related to materials and the fabrication process of protective coatings by thermal spraying methods used for the protection of power plant boiler elements in Poland. The basic mechanisms of destruction processes occurring in the fluidized bed power boilers and the associated equipment were presented. The basic methods of...